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Professional mass finishing machines

Our mass finishing machines are used for all kinds of purposes. Centrifugal disc mass finishing machines are perfect for deburring, polishing and rounding edges on delicate workpieces.

They are often used in the jewellery and watch industry (for grinding and high-gloss polishing, especially on internal components and clasps), or in the textile industry (for deburring, rounding and polishing thread guides, etc.).

Mass finishing machines are also used in medical engineering for deburring, rounding and polishing bone plates. We provide customers in the medical engineering sector with mass finishing machines and equipment specially tailored to their needs.

Other sectors that use mass finishing technology include the metal and plastics industries, as well as the automotive sector (for processing components for injection systems, for example).

OTEC is one of the market leaders in Europe for developing and producing mass finishing machines for deburring, polishing and drag finishing of valves, rocker arms, camshafts, pistons and much more.