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Mass finishing for turned and milled parts

Mass finishing is a separation process. The term refers to surface processing of mainly metallic workpieces, such as turned, milled and stamped parts.

Mass finishing is also known as Trowalisation®. This is named after the company Walther Trowal, which was the first to use mass finishing in a drum for industrial purposes.

Mass finishing does not always involve grinding. Depending on the process, it can also involve lapping or polishing. For this reason, it is also sometimes called barrel polishing. Mass finishing/barrel polishing is governed by the standard DIN 8589.

Our mass finishing machines can process your workpieces exactly to the finish you need. We guarantee excellent processing and workpiece quality for turned, milled and stamped parts, as well as implants. Get in touch. We would be happy to provide you with a personal offer.

OTEC specialises in mass finishing technology, and is your partner of choice for edge rounding, thermal deburring and high-quality surfaces. Take a look at what we can offer and think how we can help you.