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Drag finishing technology from OTEC

Drag finishing is ideal for sensitive and high-quality workpieces that must be smoothed or polished without contact.

In drag finishing, a rotating carousel with up to twelve rotating spindles immerses the workpieces into the medium.

The rotation of the carousel and spindles ensures that the workpieces are processed evenly. It is also possible to adjust the speed and immersion depth of the rotation, meaning that these machines can remove up to 40 times more material compared to conventional mass finishing.

We combine outstanding quality with full service. Whatever components or workpieces you need processing, we are the right partner for you. We offer unbeatable value for money, combining high quality with reasonable prices.

OTEC is the market leader for mass and drag finishing for implants, tools and jewellery, as well as stamped, turned and milled parts made from a range of materials. We offer a wide range of versatile and custom solutions.