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Abrasives specialist

Part of offering customers a solution that is right for their needs is the use of abrasive. We either purchase these from other suppliers or develop them ourselves. The most important aspect for us here is making the right choice. In many cases, getting the right result means creating the best mixture. That is why we offer our customers an individual solution, consisting of the right machine variant and the perfect abrasive composition.

There is a huge range of abrasives available, including plastic, ceramic and stainless steel media, spherical zirconia, microfinishing media, wet grinding pastes, compounds, plastic polishing media, dry grinding granulate, HSC granulate, walnut shell, corn, dry grinding pastes, dry polishing pastes, polishing powders and grinding oils.

Every surface quality is determined by the use of the right abrasive working in combination with the right machine.

The abrasive must be correctly selected for each individual workpiece. Composition and shape are key, as are the associated process parameters. Getting this right requires skill and experience. It can determine the quality of rounded edges on tools, for example, which in turn influences their service life. The right abrasive can let you achieve surface accuracy of 0.1 µm. Think how important this is in the medical sector, for example. We can deliver this.

In short, it always comes down to the right machine and the right abrasive. Overcoming challenges like this is what motivates us. Get in touch for more information and an individual offer.